Afrikayn is pronounced “ah-free-can”, and it is built on the idea that Africans can make the difference that is needed to transform the continent. We believe there is emense talent that remains untapped, which has the potential to change the world if invested in. That is why Afrikayn’s main objective is to search for talented students in Africa who are financially disadvantaged to support them in their education and help them make a difference in their lives and the lives of those around them.

We will do this by matching talented students in Africa with generous sponsors from other Western countries to help them pay for their education. Then these people, having been educated, will be able to help others and those will help others and the cycle will continue, thus liberating Africans or at least minimizing their reliance on foreign aid in the long run.

This site is currently under construction and will be launched soon. Please keep on checking back for updates.